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Outdoor Electrical Safety Tips

March 2, 2023
Three Kids Thumbs Up In The Pool

Whether you are looking to do some chores around your yard, or want to enjoy some leisure time basking in the sun or the pool, keep these electrical safety tips in mind to prevent running into any problems.

Yard & Garden Safety

You might have a vision for what your perfect landscape will look like, but don’t go trimming trees or digging holes until you have talked to our DFW electrical service. You may not always realize exactly where overhead and underground powerlines are when you are in the middle of your yard work. However, bumping into one could cause you to lose power, or worse. An electrician helps you know exactly where your lines are so you can avoid them. Also, remember that hydro poles are for power only. Do not mount anything else on them.

Pool Safety

Most people know that water and electricity are a bad mix. Make sure that any outdoor outlets you have are equipped with Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI) if you have a pool. This is a smart idea to follow in general for any of your outdoor circuits. Additionally, don’t bring any electronics close to the pool. It is just a bad idea.

Extension Cord Safety

When using electricity outside, most people are going to need to use extension cords to get power where they need it. Make sure you are choosing the right cord, plugging it into the right place, and using it the right way to avoid potential issues.

DFW Electrical Service

Your extension cord should have the same power capacity as the item you are planning to plug in, you should always plug into a GFCI-protected outlet if you are using the cord outside, and you should never use an outdoor extension cord as a long-term power supply.