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How House Wiring Has Changed Over the Years

March 2, 2023
Electrician With Construction Tools

Electricity has been in American homes since the late 19th century, although it wasn’t common until several decades later. As you can imagine, many things have changed since then, including the ways we wire our houses.

Most wiring installation between 1890 and 1910 was done using the knob-and-tube system. With this technique, individual wires protected by rubberized fabric were installed in cavities, held in place by knob insulators made of porcelain and further protected by tube insulators. While the knob-and-tube system was quite good for its time – and is still seen in some buildings today – it had many downfalls. Notably, the rubberized fabric protecting the wires only had a 25-year lifespan.

To keep wiring safe longer, people began experimenting with different materials. Between the 1920s and 1940s, electricians installed both flexible armored cable and nonmetallic-sheathed cable. Further innovations include the metal conduit (coming into use in the 1940s) and improved non-metallic wires that are more flexible. Each update has made installation easier and ensured better home safety.

Do you know how old your home’s wiring is? To learn more about your residential wiring in Richardson and find out if you’re due for an update, talk to an electrician. Whether or not you’re currently experiencing issues, it’s better to be safe than sorry.